President Biden invites trans TikTok star to the White House

Last week, President Joe Biden invited Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender activist famous for his “Days of Girlhood” series on TikTok, to the White House for a forum on transgender rights. While the stated intent of this visit is to raise awareness of transgender issues and to increase voter turnout among younger voters, Mulvaney’s presence at the White House represents the Democratic party’s continued assault on American institutions, values and its children. 

Throughout the US Republican governors and state legislators are taking bold actions against the ongoing plague of gender dysphoria and occurrences of grooming that American children currently are facing. In Florida, governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature passed the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act preventing discussions of gender identity and sexual acts in classrooms for children in kindergarten through third grade.

The goal of these bills is to prevent children from being introduced to sexual content and protect them from being groomed by their teachers. The consequences of introducing transgender issues too early to children could lead them to make extreme choices about their gender identity that they might regret later in life. These rationales are reasonable and are widely supported by Republican voters.

Democrats, meanwhile, falsely accuse bills like the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act of persecuting LGBT children and teachers. Democrat politicians and advocates go so far as calling bills like the Florida bill “Don’t Say Gay” bills. Therefore, the Democratic position regarding children is to leave them exposed to deviant ideology and deviants who might take advantage of children in classrooms where they are supposed to be safe. 

The Democratic position is made clear by inviting Dylan Mulvaney to the White House. Just eight months ago, Mulvaney identified as a 25 year old man. Now, “she” identifies as a young girl. Mulvaney’s journey has been documented in daily TikTok videos providing a template for young, confused, impressionable children to follow.

Instead of offering support for those young children suffering from gender dysphoria, Biden is telling them it is normal to be like Mulvaney and to change their gender identity on a whim, which requires extreme medical treatments including the removal of sexual organs. Democrats largely agree with Biden on trans issues, while Republicans disagree. 

Responses from prominent Republicans protesting Mulvaney’s visit to the White House include Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee who called out President Biden for normalizing Mulvaney’s behavior on Twitter by reposting a rather cringe worthy video made by Mulvaney where he documents his “Day 74 of Girlhood” and discusses being stared at for having a visible bulge in his feminine short skirt. 

Mulvaney is not just extreme to moderates, who often make the difference in close races in swing states. Mulvaney is also extreme to trans advocates. Former California governor candidate and trans advocate, Caitlyn Jenner, retweeted Blackburn’s critique, thanking the senator for “having a backbone” and warning that the federal government should not “normalize any of what [Mulvaney] is doing.” Jenner went so far to call Biden’s political stunt with Mulvaney absurd. 

Newt Gingrich believes the absurdity of Biden’s support for extreme trans ideology could be pivotal in key states, like Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania who are more concerned with things like the economy, gas prices, crime, and soaring inflation rates. Biden is choosing to prioritize extreme ideology over those issues, so it is reasonable to think voters might react strongly to Mulvaney’s visit. Whether this is the case will be seen on election day on November 8th.


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