Fetterman debate further shows Democrat incompetence

John Fetterman should not be running for senate in Pennsylvania, and the recent debate with Dr. Oz not only made it painfully clear, but also provided a lot of insight into how incompetent the Democrats really are and what voting for them really stands for.

Fetterman vs. Oz Debate

Let’s be real here, the recent debate wasn’t even a contest.  Anyone watching it felt uncomfortable at the very least, as they clearly saw someone in Fetterman that should not be running for senate.  He had difficulty putting two words together, let alone anything with any sort of coherence. 

The question on everyone’s mind after seeing this debate is this: what are the Democrats thinking running someone like this right now?  One reason: outside groups have spent over $60 million trying to prop up Fetterman against Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race to this point, and millions more continue to pour in. 

They simply cannot pivot to someone else this late in the race, as it would mean the loss of tens of millions of dollars and allow Dr. Oz to cruise to an easy win.  Perhaps these outside groups are still naïve enough to believe Fetterman can still win the race.  

It is eerily similar to the stunt Democrats tried to pull off when Lindsey Graham came up for reelection.  Back in the 2020 elections, Democrats spent over $100 million in the tiny state of South Carolina to try to oust incumbent Lindsey Graham.  To put it into perspective, Democrats spent the equivalent of $118 per vote received in that race. 

It is literally mind-boggling to consider, especially given that Graham won handily in the contest.  After the horrendous debate performance by Fetterman, we will most likely see this happen again in the state of Pennsylvania.  Money can only get you so far these days when it comes to politics, and the Pennsylvania senate race is showing this. 

At the end of the day it is the candidates that matter, and if a candidate has a major stroke and cannot put two words together any more voters will see that and vote for someone who actually can.

The Fracking Question

One of the most memorable (of many) moments during the debate involved the topic of fracking.  In 2018, Fetterman stated that he did not  support fracking at all. 

However, surprisingly just before the debate Fetterman flip flopped on the issue, stating instead that he supports fracking and always had supported it.  These two statements do not gel well together, do they?  The moderators of the debate thankfully felt the same way and pressured Fetterman on the question.  His response, if one could truly make it out, was that he supported fracking. 

No explanation for why he did not support fracking in the past.  It literally left the debate moderators speechless that someone would not respond to obvious flip flop in their position, but nonetheless they did and the debate moved on to another topic.  It was certainly a missed opportunity for Dr. Oz to capitalize on more, but it also showed something that is indicative of the Democrat party as a whole.  

Simply put, having a position on an issue doesn’t really matter to Democrats.  They can change it on a whim, and no one really cares or bothers to push back on them for doing so.  Don’t support fracking but a majority people in the state you are running in do support it?  Just change your position, no one will care, right? 

They simply “misspoke” about the issue earlier and this is actually where they stand now.  How can voters possibly support someone who has no backbone on issues?  If a voter feels strongly about a particular issue and wants to vote for a candidate who stands by what they say and follow through on it, what reason do they have to vote for a Democrat whose views change with the wind? 

Republicans have seen this going on for decades now, and independent voters are finally starting to wake up and realize this as well.  

What voting for Democrats really means

Let’s not kid ourselves here, the Fetterman debate shows exactly what Democrats are capable of and what it really means to vote for them.  The fact that they won’t replace him with a more viable candidate at this point in time shows first and foremost that money is what really matters at the end of the day, not values. 

As stated earlier, tens of millions of dollars have poured into this particular race for Fetterman.  Those holding the money want results, and what results would they be you might ask?  A puppet who will look the other way when corporations and wealthy donors want to skirt the laws of the land. 

A puppet who will promote the values they deem fit and push for legislation in areas that will benefit them the most.  That is what it is all about at this point, control.  There is a widespread theory that Fetterman will vacate his seat if he does happen to win the race and let the governor handpick someone to take his place.  This should not be surprising at all, as Democrats want someone they can control at the end of the day.  

The Main Takeaway

If there is only one thing to take away from the Fetterman debate, it is that Democrats will stop at nothing to ensure their agendas are implemented in Washington D.C.

If that means throwing away millions of dollars to someone who can’t put two words together anymore, then so be it.  What if the candidate changes their views on a whim and simply denies it?  Doesn’t matter as long as they win the race.  The Fetterman debate should be an eye-opening experience for those thinking about voting for Democrats in November. 

A Democrat vote is one for big money and wavering stances on practically every issue that affects individuals today, especially when it comes to energy and the economy.  

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