Which celebrities are backing Trump?

Donald Trump’s celebrity status and outspoken politics have drawn mixed reactions from the entertainment world. While many stars align with liberal politics, Trump has cultivated a group of celebrity fans and supporters from across industries.

This article examines key figures backing Trump’s agenda and brand.

Music Backers

Kanye West

Kanye West has created headlines for his overt backing of Trump, meeting with him at Trump Tower and calling him a “brother” ([1]). West dons MAGA hats and provokes controversy with right-wing rants. However, he has hinted at running for office against Trump in 2024.

Kid Rock

The rock musician Kid Rock is one of Trump’s most vocal celebrity fans, regularly supporting him publicly and hanging out at the White House ([2]). Rock has golfed with Trump and backed his economic policies.

Ted Nugent

Rocker Ted Nugent is a fiery Trump advocate, calling him the greatest president ever and blasting liberals ([3]). Nugent met Trump during the 2016 campaign. He heavily criticizes athletes kneeling during the national anthem.

Jon Voight

Oscar winner Jon Voight is one of the few old Hollywood stars to back Trump. Voight declares Trump’s greatness and suitability to lead at political rallies ([4]). Voight also narrated a 2020 GOP convention video framing Trump as a hero.

Trace Adkins

Country singer Trace Adkins sang at Trump’s 2017 inauguration concert ([5]). Adkins also competed on Trump’s reality show Celebrity Apprentice in 2013. He endorses Trump’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude and patriotism.

Actors Supporting Trump

Scott Baio

Happy Days star Scott Baio spoke at the 2016 GOP convention for Trump and continues campaigning for him ([6]). Baio praises Trump’s focus on American jobs and criticism of political correctness. He calls Trump smart and “relentless.”

Dean Cain

Dean Cain, known for playing Superman, backed Trump in 2016 and 2020 by appearing at rallies and events ([7]). Cain slammed mask mandates and Hollywood blacklisting of conservatives.

Kristy Swanson

Buffy actress Kristy Swanson frequently tweets her support for Trump and commitment to the MAGA agenda ([8]). She defended Trump during both impeachment sagas and challenges the 2020 election results.

Stephen Baldwin

A self-proclaimed “Jesus freak,” Stephen Baldwin stands as the only pro-Trump actor in his liberal Baldwin family ([9]). He advocates for religious rights and praises Trump’s economic achievements.

Antonio Sabato Jr.

Soap opera actor Antonio Sabato Jr. spoke at the 2016 RNC for Trump and continues campaigning for him ([10]). He called Trump “hands down the best president we have ever had.” He now runs for Congress.

Sports Figures Supporting Trump

Tom Brady

NFL star Tom Brady has a warm, if complex, relationship with Trump that predates politics ([11]). Trump often touts Brady’s wins and skill. Brady seems to support Trump as a friend but avoided politics publicly until after retiring.

Mike Ditka

Famed NFL coach Mike Ditka is one of Trump’s most diehard sports backers, routinely praising his leadership skills ([12]). The cigar-smoking Ditka appears at Trump rallies and travel ban announcements.

Dana White

UFC President Dana White spoke glowingly of Trump at 2016 GOP events ([13]). He calls Trump a “fighter” and “good friend.” Trump appointed White to advise on economic recovery from COVID-19.

Mariano Rivera

Baseball legend Mariano Rivera went to the White House to accept the Medal of Freedom from Trump in 2019 ([14]). Rivera calls Trump “a blessing” from God and supported reelection.

Jack Nicklaus

Golf icon Jack Nicklaus endorsed Trump in 2020, saying Trump’s policies are better for America ([15]). He praised lower taxes and reduced regulations under Trump. They frequently golf together.

Reality TV Connections

Trump’s celebrity ties unsurprisingly include reality TV stars he met through pageants and his show The Apprentice. Figures like Omarosa Manigault and Dennis Rodman worked with Trump then backed his politics. Some key supporters include:

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian visits the White House advising Trump on criminal justice reform ([16]). She refuses calls to denounce Trump, whom she knows from Apprentice.

Terrell Owens

NFL receiver Terrell Owens did Celebrity Apprentice and appeared on Fox praising Trump in 2018 ([17]). He supports Trump’s criticism of athletes kneeling during the anthem.

Jesse James

Reality star Jesse James backs Trump’s “America First” mindset and hostility to China ([18]). He slams liberal elites and media for opposing Trump and not understanding Americans.


Donald Trump clearly attracts an eclectic array of celebrity fans across pop culture realms like music, movies, and sports. These vocal supporters tout Trump as a truth-talking patriot and exemplary president. However, many stars remain vehemently anti-Trump, sparking an ongoing clash within the celebrity political sphere. Trump’s fame seems likely to still draw some entertainers to back his divisive stances.


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