Where will Barron Trump attend college?

Barron Trump, the youngest child of Donald Trump, is currently a teenager but will face the big decision of where to attend college in just a few years. Barron has lived a relatively private life compared to his older siblings. This article explores what we know about Barron and analyzes the potential colleges he might ultimately enroll at after high school.

Background on Barron Trump

  • Barron William Trump was born in 2006 to Donald and Melania Trump. He is Donald’s fifth child and only child with Melania.
  • Barron grew up living in Trump Tower in New York City before his father assumed the presidency.
  • He then moved with his parents to live at the White House in Washington D.C. at age 10.
  • Barron currently attends a private prep school in Florida, where his parents relocated after leaving the White House ([1]).
  • Details on Barron’s studies, hobbies, and personality have been kept very private. But he reportedly enjoys golf, soccer, computers, and traveling ([2]).

Factors That May Influence Barron’s College Decision

Family Legacy

  • Donald and older siblings attended the University of Pennsylvania, giving Barron a strong family legacy ([3]).
  • Tiffany Trump graduated law school in 2022. The tradition of Ivy League education could draw Barron.


  • The Trump family has roots in New York but has planted ties in Florida where they currently reside ([4]).
  • Barron may prefer staying in a familiar region for college rather than going out-of-state.

Educational Priorities

  • According to Melania, Barron is interested in computers and sports ([5]).
  • This could translate into pursuing tech-oriented or athletics-focused programs.

Cost and Admissions Selectivity

  • Finances are likely not a concern given the family’s wealth.
  • But Barron’s academic strengths will determine which tier of schools he could earn admission to.

Potential Colleges for Barron

University of Pennsylvania

  • Donald, Donald Jr, and Tiffany Trump all attended UPenn in Philadelphia ([6]).
  • The Ivy League school could give Barron legacy preference in admissions.
  • Strong athletics, engineering, and business programs.

New York University

  • Prestigious private institution in Barron’s hometown of New York City ([7]).
  • Excellent technology and business programs.
  • Vibrant urban campus could appeal after quiet upbringing.

Stanford University

  • Highly selective West Coast Ivy that excels in tech and entrepreneurship ([8]).
  • Trump family ties to California through golf properties.
  • Could broaden Barron’s horizons with cross-country education.

University of Florida

  • Top public university in the Trump family’s adopted home state ([9]).
  • Strong engineering, computing, and sports management programs.
  • In-state tuition and flavors of home for Barron.

Fordham University

  • Another New York private college where Donald initially attended ([10]).
  • Proximity to family roots a major draw like NYU.
  • Well-regarded technology and business programs.


It remains very unclear which direction Barron Trump will take for higher education given how private his life has been kept. But Donald and Melania surely want the best opportunities for Barron based on his interests. The prestige and family tradition of an Ivy League education seems a distinct possibility. However, major universities closer to home like Florida and Fordham could provide comfort. Ultimately, Barron’s college decision is several years away but will reflect the next generation of Trump family ambition.


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