What’s Donald Trump’s net worth?

As a billionaire real estate mogul and reality TV star turned politician, Donald Trump’s wealth and lavish lifestyle have always fascinated the public. During his presidency, estimates of Trump’s exact net worth varied widely from year to year. Just how rich is Donald Trump? Let’s analyze Trump’s assets, businesses, income sources and lifestyle to break down his net worth.

Trump’s Real Estate Assets

The foundation of Trump’s wealth lies in New York City real estate he inherited from his father Fred Trump in the 1970s. The most valuable assets include:

  • Trump Tower – The iconic 58-story skyscraper on Fifth Avenue is worth over $450 million based on comparables. Trump owns a 30% stake.
  • Trump World Tower – This 72-story residential tower near the UN Headquarters is worth an estimated $450 million, with Trump holding 50% ownership.
  • 40 Wall Street – Trump has a ground lease giving him control of this office tower valued around $550 million.
  • Trump International Hotel & Tower New York – Trump owns this 36-story mixed-use tower outright, worth $450 million.
  • Mar-a-Lago Resort – This exclusive club in Palm Beach that Trump uses as a second home is estimated to be worth $180 million.

Together, Trump’s prime NYC real estate likely totals nearly $2 billion just on its own. Then he has stakes in numerous other properties globally.

Trump Businesses & Licensing Deals

Trump generates income from many other companies outside of real estate:

  • Golf courses – 17 courses worth $650 million total. Trump has $427 million in debt on the courses.
  • Hotels – Trump owns or licenses his name to hotels around the world worth a collective $230 million.
  • Retail – Trump has partnerships with apparel, jewelry, home decor companies generating $15 million/year.
  • Entertainment – Trump earned $197 million pre-tax from The Apprentice. Reruns still provide income.

These businesses add several hundred million more. But branding deals have declined since Trump entered politics.

Asset Breakdown

Based on financial disclosures, Trump’s estimated asset allocation is:

  • NYC real estate: $1.7 billion
  • Non-NYC real estate: $600 million
  • Golf courses: $650 million
  • Hotels: $230 million
  • Other enterprises/licensing ventures: $230 million
  • Liquid assets (cash/investments): $270 million

That gives Trump a grand total of around $3.68 billion in assets currently, by conservative estimates.


However, Trump also holds substantial debts across his empire. He owes:

  • $148 million to Deutsche Bank for 3 of his properties
  • $125 million on Trump Tower and a Chicago hotel/condo
  • $160 million on his Washington, D.C. hotel
  • $257 million to Ladder Capital on Trump Tower and other buildings

This totals around $690 million Trump owes on his real estate holdings, reducing his net worth. Trump’s businesses have significant liabilities as well.

Lifestyle Expenses

As a billionaire, Trump spends lavishly on personal lifestyle costs:

  • Residences – Maintaining multiple luxury homes like Mar-a-Lago costs millions annually.
  • Travel – Use of his $100 million private jet also runs millions per year.
  • Legal Fees – Trump spends heavily on lawyers and lawsuits. He has paid $380 million to his personal lawyers so far while in office.

These extraordinary expenses reduce Trump’s net worth from his gross assets. Based on his properties, businesses, earnings and liabilities, most experts estimate Trump’s current net worth is:

$2.5 billion

This reflects a significant drop from his peak net worth of $3.7 billion in 2016 before becoming president. The pandemic, economic downturn, and Trump’s divisive politics have all reduced his wealth. But he remains firmly in the billionaire class.


Donald Trump’s financial history is complex and opaque in many ways. However, it’s clear the bulk of his fortune stems from inheritance and appreciation of his father’s NYC real estate. Asset sales and branding deals expanded Trump’s wealth. Yet controversy and declining revenues have chipped away at his net worth.

While debate exists over Trump’s true net worth, most experts place it around $2.5 billion as of 2022. He is still wealthy, but has lost the billionaire prestige that helped fuel his celebrity status. As Trump Group faces continued challenges, the former president may see his net worth decline further from his heyday just a few years ago.


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