What Zodiac Sign is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump’s fiery personality and controversial behavior often raise questions about what makes him tick. Looking at Trump’s zodiac sign offers insight into his psychology and leadership style as president.

So what sign of the zodiac was Donald Trump born under? Let’s examine Trump’s birth chart and how astrologers interpret its implications.

Pinpointing Trump’s Zodiac Sign

Based on his specific birthdate and time, Donald Trump was born under the sign of Gemini:

  • Trump’s date of birth is June 14, 1946.
  • Since he was born between May 21st and June 20th, Trump’s sign is Gemini according to the western zodiac.
  • His birth time of 10:54 AM means he was born while the sun was traveling through Gemini.
  • Gemini is symbolized by celestial twins and associated with communication, curiosity, and adaptability.

So while many associate Trump most with Leo characteristics, his literal sun sign at birth is actually Gemini.

Gemini Traits Aligned with Trump

Looking closer, Trump exemplifies many common traits of Gemini personalities:

  • Duality – Gemini is represented by twins, reflecting conflict and duality. Similarly, Trump has flippantly shifted stances on issues like abortion and health care during his public life.
  • Fast-talking – Geminis have quick minds and speech. Like Trump, they think out loud and embrace controversy.
  • Agility – Gemini is a mutable sign adept at changing directions quickly. Trump similarly demonstrates agility reacting to events and crafting appealing messages.
  • Cunning – Gemini correlates with understanding how to manipulate information and perception effectively. Trump exhibits cunning framing issues and altering his persona.
  • Intellectual curiosity – Astrologers believe Gemini’s enjoy learning and dissecting ideas. While not an academic, Trump possesses innate curiosity connecting ideas and seeing strategic possibilities.

Overall, Trump exemplifies many signature Gemini characteristics.

Why Some Link Trump to Leo

Despite being a Gemini, Trump is often mistakenly pegged as a Leo because of his larger than life persona:

  • Bombast – Trump projects enormous confidence which aligns with Leo’s ruling symbol, the lion. However, Gemini can also feature boastfulness.
  • Seeking attention – Like Leos, Trump clearly craves being noticed and applauded. But Geminis also require constant stimulation and interaction.
  • Drama – Leo is associated with theatrics and drama. But Gemini also thrives on spirited exchange full of conflict and outrage.
  • Egotism – Trump’s ego fits with Leo’s cultured self-importance. However, Gemini can manifest ego through skillful argument and wit.

So while Trump shares similarities with Leo, these do not contradict his core Gemini sun sign based on his birthdate.

How Gemini Moon Influences Trump’s Persona

In astrology, your moon sign shapes emotional responses and inner life. Trump was born under a Gemini moon which amplifies Gemini characteristics:

  • Restless mind – A Gemini moon produces constant mental stimulation seeking knowledge and variety. Trump functions through NONSTOP brainstorming and dispensed wisdom.
  • Coping through distraction – Geminis divert emotional tension through keeping busy. Trump may rely on activity and audiences to avoid processing internal discomfort.
  • Instability – With a Gemini moon, feelings and needs fluctuate drastically. Trump’s unpredictability may indicate inner instability or lack of self-knowledge.
  • Difficulty listening – Gemini moons struggle truly listening before interjecting their perspectives. Trump is notorious for focusing conversations on himself.

Overall, Trump’s Gemini sun and moon reinforce his frenetic disposition, intellectualism, and tendency to project emotional needs onto external stimuli.

Insights from Trump’s Sagittarius Ascendant

In astrology, your rising sign or ascendant influences how you present yourself to the outside world. Trump was born under a Sagittarius ascendant:

  • Exaggerated personality – Sagittarians exaggerate their personalities as a defensive tactic. Accordingly, Trump embellishes his strengths and success.
  • Philosophical risk-taking – Those with Sagittarius rising are willing to take controversial stances. Trump adopts unpopular positions and refuses to back down.
  • Bluntness – Sagittarian energy lends itself to directness that can become too candid. Trump is notorious for blunt statements and insults.
  • Focus on freedom – Sagittarians value boundless freedom. Trump revolts against restrictions on his words or actions as infringements on liberty.

Trump’s Sagittarius rising colors his public image as a larger-than-life straight talker unwilling to self-censor.

How Astrologers Interpret Trump’s Signs

Drawing on these aspects of his birth chart, astrologers interpret Trump’s leadership style:

  • His Gemini sun and moon drive a perceived lack of consistency and focus beyond tactical needs of the moment.
  • Reliance on his Sagittarian persona produces impulsive reactions rather than cautious deliberation.
  • Trump may compensate for emotional needs through pursuit of information, debate, and spreading his perspective.
  • All signs centered around speed and momentum prevents slowing down for inward reflection and self-questioning.

In summary, astrologers see Trump acting through a lens of responsive intellectualism while denying inconvenient emotions and introspection.

The Problematic Side of Astrology

While astrology offers intriguing perspectives, important caveats are warranted:

  • Astrological profiles can reinforce gender, ethnic, and cultural stereotypes by making overly broad generalizations.
  • Seeing behavior as dictated by cosmic forces denies individual agency and personal accountability.
  • Astrology is unscientific and cannot truly account for the complexity of human personality and life outcomes.

Consumers of astrology must maintain skepticism rather than take horoscopic interpretations as definitive guides to human psychology and relationships.


To the chagrin of skeptics, astrology remains widely popular for those seeking self-understanding and examining public figures like Donald Trump. Looking at Trump’s Gemini sun, moon, and Sagittarius ascendant provides a window into Trump’s mentality and controversial conduct.

However, as with all astrology, Trump’s birth chart should be appreciated for entertainment rather than definitive policy analysis. Trump ultimately presents a set of complex experiences and decisions separate from cosmic forces or neatly categorized personality traits.

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