What Cryptocurrencies Does Donald Trump Own or Support?

Former president Donald Trump has made sporadic references to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology over the years. This has led to speculation about whether Trump holds any crypto assets as part of his financial portfolio. Additionally, certain cryptocurrencies have claimed affiliations with Trump, attempting to capitalize on his brand power among supporters.

Examining Trump’s actual statements and actions regarding cryptocurrencies provides insight into the extent of his interests and involvement in the crypto space.


As an innovator across real estate and entertainment, Donald Trump has shown curiosity toward major technological trends like cryptocurrency. His statements over the years suggest openness toward crypto and blockchain [1]. However, hard facts around direct crypto ownership by Trump remain elusive.

In this article, we will analyze public information to assess:

  • What is known about Trump’s personal crypto holdings, if any
  • Cryptocurrencies that have promoted Trump affiliations
  • Trump’s general perspectives on cryptocurrency based on his comments

Gauging Trump’s stance toward crypto helps contextualize claims about his investments and the use of his brand image by coins.

No Clear Evidence of Substantial Personal Crypto Holdings

There are no publicly confirmed reports that Donald Trump personally holds any significant quantity of cryptocurrencies:

  • Unlike some wealthy investors and business figures, Trump has never discussed crypto holdings.
  • No required financial disclosures as president disclosed crypto assets [2].
  • Sources estimate his net worth does not exceed low 9-figures, limiting potential for major crypto allocations [3].
  • Trump is not known to have purchased crypto-centric companies or intellectual property.
  • He does not publicly post crypto addresses or transact using blockchain.

While Trump has the means to acquire crypto in any amount, there is no clear indication he has chosen to do so thus far. He does not exhibit classical high-net-worth cryptocurrency investor behavior.

Crypto Projects Have Used Trump’s Name and Brand

Several cryptocurrency projects have used Donald Trump’s name and image without his authorization:

  • A coin called TrumpCoin (TRUMP) launched in 2016 featuring Trump’s face but no connection to him [4].
  • A “Trump 2024 Coin” was created in 2021 anticipating a second presidential run [5]. It also lacked any formal affiliation.
  • Scam tokens like $DumpTrump plagiarized Trump imagery to create fraudulent pump and dump schemes [6].

Trump has not endorsed any cryptocurrencies and not received compensation from those using his brand. Most are low value efforts to capitalize on his followers.

Trump’s General Perspectives on Crypto

Trump has shared limited opinions on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology over the years:

  • In a 2019 tweet, he praised the technology but questioned Bitcoin’s value [7].
  • At a 2021 rally, Trump praised cryptos as competing with the dollar and said he wanted the dollar to be the dominant global currency [8].
  • In a 2022 speech, Trump criticized Bitcoin’s energy consumption and reiterated favoring the supremacy of the dollar [9].
  • Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. has shown more active interest as a crypto investor and Web3 proponent [10].

While intrigued by its significance, Trump clearly favors the dollar and has offered no full-throated endorsement of crypto at this stage.

Unanswered Questions Around Trump and Crypto

Absent clearer public statements from Trump himself, key questions around his crypto involvement remain:

  • Would he invest in digital assets while president or if he ran again? Conflict of interest concerns may apply.
  • Could disclosures be obscured in Trump Organization investments or trusts rather than personal filings?
  • Does Trump have crypto donations enabled on his fundraising sites, and if so, what is done with proceeds?
  • Might his opinions evolve if crypto gains further mainstream adoption during a hypothetical second term?


Despite curiosity about digital currency and blockchain, Donald Trump does not significantly own known cryptocurrencies or participate directly in the crypto space based on available facts. While projects have embraced his brand power for marketing purposes, Trump has not aligned himself with any specific coin. His perspectives related to crypto remain high-level and cautionary, emphasizing the preeminence of the U.S. dollar over decentralized alternatives.

However, conditions can change rapidly in both the cryptocurrency industry and Trump’s financial interests. As with any high net worth individual, onlookers should avoid speculative assumptions about Trump’s crypto holdings or future involvement absent concrete public disclosures.

For now, his distance from Web3 innovations remains notable for such an influential cultural and business figure of his generation. But crypto adherents hoping for an ally occupying the presidency would be wise to focus efforts on more receptive leaders rather than relying on enthusiastic speculation alone.


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