Polls show Walker leading in Georgia, despite Democrat’s attacks

Georgia will perhaps once again be the most important state in deciding who controls the United States Senate. In January 2021, Georgia’s two Senate spots were up for grabs.

The Democrats ended up prevailing in both elections after Joe Biden and the federal Democratic party bribed voters by promising $2000 checks to all citizens if the Democrats won.

This is something the Biden administration ultimately never did once the Democrats won the Senate, but that is not stopping them from resorting to dirty tricks once again in order to trick Georgia voters. 

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker has been the victim of nearly every imaginable attack in the book. The Democrats and their allies are the perpetrators of those attacks as they try to convince Georgia voters to vote for their candidate, Raphael Warnock.

In the past three weeks, Walker has been falsely accused of paying for two abortions, being an abusive father, and lying about being an honorary police officer.

Even worse, Democratic operatives have directed a racist attack towards Walker and his Republican supporters by accusing Republicans of only supporting a black man like Walker to secure “diversity points.”

To the Democrats’ surprise, these lies have not worked. Walker is now more popular than ever and has a real chance of unseating Raphael Warnock as Georgia Senator. 

At the time of the Democrats first attack on Walker, when they accused him of paying for a woman’s affair, polls had Warnock up 12 points on Walker.

SurveyUSA, a polling organization who published the first poll following the accusation, had Walker’s support as low as 38%. In the time since then, Walker has faced even more attacks. In a normal campaign, things would be doomed for Walker.

However, it appears Georgia voters are smart enough to not fall for Democrat lies. 

In recent weeks the gap between Warnock and Walker has closed to nothing. Most recent aggregate polling shows Walker up 0.1%.Some individual polls over the past weeks actually show Walker leading, and some have him leading by a large margin.

A Rasmussen poll from October 27 had Walker up 5 points on Warnock. Echelon Insights, meanwhile, has Walker up 7 points, which is the largest lead he has had thus far in the race against Warnock.

Strong debate performances by Walker is one of the main reasons for his recent surge up the polls. Even Democratic media admitted after his first debate that Walker performed well.

Additionally, Biden’s struggling economy has led to independents and moderate Democrats to back Republicans all over the country, which is without a doubt helping Walker in the swing state of Georgia. 

Due to the eccentricities of Georgia’s election laws, Georgians likely will not know who will be their new Senator on November 8. If no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, Georgia voters may even have to wait until after a runoff election next January.

However, if momentum is anything to go by, Herschel Walker will be the latest member of a long line of proud Republicans who have represented the great state of Georgia. 


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