Illegal immigrants continue to flood the borders: Where is Biden?  

Among the numerous problems the Biden administration has tried to sweep under the carpet and ignore, one that has seemingly not gone away is the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States.  To put it numbers, nearly 5 million illegal immigrants have crossed into the United States since Joe Biden took office.  That is nearly the population of the entire country of Ireland crossing the border illegally in only two years. 

This number dwarfs the number who tried to enter under the Trump Administration, and with Trump’s zero-tolerance policy many simply did not even try.  They are more than willing to cross over these days, however, as Biden’s lax immigration policies mean they will not be stopped or held accountable for their actions.  

Biden’s lax policies on immigration are to blame

One of the main reasons why illegal immigrants continue to cross the border into the United States in record numbers is that the Biden Administration simply doesn’t care.  One of the most popular strategies illegal immigrants have used is to bring their children with them, knowing that Biden won’t deport them back to where they came from. 

In fact, Biden is more than happy to let them live in the United States on the taxpayer’s dime, with over 250,000 children to this point being relocated within the U.S. from the southern border.  Biden and the Democrats would rather not let anyone know about this, however, and that is why there have been few if any public announcements made about how many illegal immigrants (not just children) are being relocated throughout the United States.  

Instead of having a zero-tolerance policy and making sure people who immigrate the right way are not disadvantaged, Biden would rather swing the door wide open to essentially whoever wants to come in.  No one know who they are or where they came from. 

For all we know they could be hardened criminals looking to commit more crimes within the United States.  Instead of even considering this fact taking place, Democrats would rather push a different narrative, the so-called humanitarian narrative where Americans should simply have compassion for everyone. 

If they want to cross the border and commit crimes, who are we to judge?  Such a soft stance has echoed south of the border, emboldening illegal immigrants of all shapes, sizes, and criminal histories to simply walk into the United States as if there were no such thing as immigration laws.  

Taxpayers and legal immigrants are hurt the most

Where is the backlash for such reckless policies when it comes to immigration?  The mainstream media simply wants to keep the issue on the down-low, instead forcing Americans to focus on how important it is for children to question their gender and pushing other nonsense to keep Americans ignorant of what is really going on. 

What is interesting to note is that the politicians who support open borders are not located on a border state.  They live in northern states where it isn’t an issue for them at all.  These politicians have no clue of the negative affects that illegal immigration is having on the states closest to the border.  It is easy to see now why they are so in favor of open borders.

Who is hurt the most from Biden’s open-door policy when it comes to immigration?  Taxpayers and legal immigrants.  Legal immigrants have to go through a process that can take months or even years.  They have to learn about the United States and what it stands for. 

Has anyone asked them how they feel about the current policies going on with immigration?  It would be completely justifiable for them to be furious at the lack of respect Biden and the Democrats have shown toward them.  Unless one is in a high standing profession such as a doctor, what real reason is there to immigrate to the United States legally when it is so easy to cross the border illegally? 

Let’s not forget about American taxpayers as well.  They are the ones who are having to foot the bill for all of the illegal immigrants crossing over.  In the state of Texas alone, illegal immigration costs taxpayers there $850 million per year.  Nearly $1 billion per year is spent on illegal immigrants while hardworking Americans who have done the right thing and paid their taxes struggle to get by. 

Not only are legal immigrants extremely frustrated with the Biden Administration’s handling of the border these past two years, but it is understandable why many working-class Americans feel that same frustration.  They are essentially giving money to individuals who do not deserve to be here.  

How illegal immigration affects the future

What Biden and Democrats don’t want everyone to know about is the negative effects that will result from the open-door policy continuing.  The economy is in shambles and companies are laying off people left and right, so where are these millions of illegal immigrants going to get jobs? 

Not only will they potentially take jobs away from law-abiding Americans but also create a gray area where you have millions of individuals without a job and roaming the streets.  Housing and rental prices are through the roof right now, so how will the United States accommodate these millions of illegals?  

A taxpayer revolt is looming on the horizon

To put it shortly, either the taxpayers will have to fork over more money, or the illegal immigrants will be homeless.  The last thing America needs right now is millions more individuals moving around homeless.  Crime will spike dramatically and essentially services such as hospital stays will be filled by illegal immigrants who can’t pay.  What does this mean? 

An even greater strain on taxpayers to cover the costs of illegal immigrants being in the United States.  At some point the taxpayers will say they have had enough and take matters into their own hands.  Let us hope Biden and the Democrats have enough common sense to realize the reckless future that awaits America if they continue to let everyone into the United States.  


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