How Biden’s Economy will lead to a Red Wave in November

  • Biden has let the Federal Reserve cause high inflation and an economic recession
  • Biden has not prioritized American energy, leading to high gas prices
  • Biden continues to funnel billions of dollars into Ukraine while Americans suffer, and Europe sits on its hands

Two years into his presidency, and it is clear Joe Biden not only does not have the mental capacity to lead the United States but has singlehandedly caused an economic recession that will soon be on par with the Great Recession.  What does this mean for the midterm elections you may ask? It won’t be a red wave, but rather a red tsunami!

What the Polls Say

While Democrats want to parade around gender fluidity and abortions, what really matters to voters is the economy.  Recent polls have been saying this time and time again, with the New York Times poll being the best indicator.  The poll showed over 60% of likely voters saying the United States is heading in the wrong direction.  What about the most important problems facing the country today?  You guessed it, the economy and inflation at nearly 50%.  Democrats are delusional about the state of the economy and what is truly affecting the American people these days.  They would rather spend their time trying to tell children they can be any gender they want while hardworking Americans suffer to put food on the table.  This delusion is one of the many reasons Republicans will win handily in the midterm elections.

High Inflation and High Gas Prices

  • Biden has done nothing to stop the Federal Reserve from running the American economy into the ground

The two biggest contributing factors to the sluggish economy the United States has today are high inflation and high gas prices.  What exactly did Joe Biden do when the Federal Reserve flooded the economy with trillions of dollars?  Absolutely nothing.  In fact, Biden has said he prefers the Federal Reserve to have “space.”  To do what exactly?  Bring the economy crashing down faster than it is now?  The inflation rate remains over 8% and consumer prices continue to go up.  How about doing something to reign in the price gouging that is going on by corporations to keep their profits high?  Many leaders within those corporations donated to Joe Biden’s campaign, so one would be hard-pressed to expect Biden to actually hold them accountable.

  • Biden prefers a more “hands-off” approach to the economy because he doesn’t have the current mental capacity to consider solutions to economic problems facing America

Instead of being at the forefront to try to fix the current economic situation in the United States, Joe Biden would rather let other incompetent people run it into the ground, preferring instead to mumble his way through speeches and seem completely clueless about what is going on around him.  Republicans are not the only ones to see this, as independent voters in recent focus groups describe Biden as “confused,”” lost,” and “goofy.”  This matters because Biden is the chief representative of the Democrat party; what he does is a reflection on how their party is perceived as a whole.  When you have a president who has difficulty putting sentences together and looks completely lost during most events he is at, one has to wonder if Democrats should be the ones leading the country.

  • Biden would rather do business with dictators for oil than rely on American energy

Speaking of high prices, what about energy prices?  They continue to remain stubbornly high, and what does Joe Biden do?  He reaches out to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for more oil.  Yes, you heard that right.  Biden would rather do business with dictators rather than utilize the abundant energy that the United States has.  If you were to guess which country has the largest oil reserves in the world what would say?  Russia? Saudi Arabia?  Those are good guesses, but no.  The United States has the most oil reserves at an estimated 264 billion barrels according to recent reports, higher than both Russia and Saudi Arabia.  Why not oil from America’s neighbor to the north, Canada?  Biden nixed the Keystone Pipeline, caving into climate and environmental activists who don’t want a see a single insect being hurt.  Apparently, Biden is more worried about squirrels and worms than the American public.  It just further shows how delusional not only Biden is but the entire Democrat party as well.

The Ukraine War

  • Trump held NATO accountable, while Biden seems fine with Europe not doing its fair share as Ukraine fights Russia

First, the facts.  Over $65 billion has been sent from the United States to Ukraine since the start of the invasion from Russia, and there is seemingly no end in sight.  What about Europe, the countries that are most directly impacted from the war?  Only $19 billion, and it is unlikely that the figure will increase drastically in the coming months.  The question that one has to ask is this, why is the United States putting up so much money while other nations sit on their hands?  Any why does Joe Biden think this is completely fine?  America has enough problems on its hands as it is and sending billions upon billions of dollars to fund a war while neighboring nations to the conflict refuse to do the same is mind boggling.  Say what you want about Trump, but one of the hallmarks of his presidency was holding NATO accountable.  The other nations in NATO clearly were not pulling their fair share and Trump laid into them for it.  Biden can barely put sentences together, do you really think he will take an aggressive stance and make sure Europe holds their end of the bargain?

Why a Red Wave is Inevitable

Based on these issues, it is clear to see why a Red Wave is inevitable for the midterm elections in the United States.  Democrats haven’t shown they are capable of dealing with the real issues at hand such as the economy, preferring instead to focus on having children question their genders.  Combine this with Republicans historically coming out in droves for midterm elections and independent voters turning away from Biden, and there is only red on the horizon.

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