Democrat solutions to climate change only hurt americans

One of the major policy initiatives of the Biden Administration has been to combat supposed climate change before its too late.  At the COP27 in Egypt, Biden outlined a number of proposals for climate change, most of which won’t address the real problem or focus on solutions that do not justify the means.

More funding going to areas no one really cares about

As with all Democrat-based solutions, billions of dollars are going to “funding programs” that no one really cares about or know what exactly they address. Climate change itself is a broad topic that can include many different areas such as more efficient housing, protecting the ecosystem, and increasing renewable energy to name a few.  To have billions of dollars going into some random program is just a slap in the face to hard working Americans who are struggling to get by in a poor economy.  

The hypocrisy of nature-based solutions

One of the most notable phrases to come out of the COP27 statement was “nature-based solutions.” It was seemingly used every other sentence in the statement, and it goes to show how hypocritical the Biden Administration is when it comes to climate change.  What is more “nature-based” than oil and coal?  

The electric vehicle craze ignores the hidden costs

Another main talking point of Democrats is the increased use of electric vehicles instead of gas-powered ones that Americans have been using ever since the automobile was invented. California in particular recently passed a law requiring all vehicles to be electric in the state by 2035.  What Democrats fail to realize are the hidden costs associated with the production of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are comprised of numerous lithium-ion batteries.  The hidden cost comes in the form of manufacturing these batteries, which arguably do as much damage to the environment in mining lithium than creating a normal gas-powered car.  But of course, Democrats don’t want anyone to know about this.  

The ends do not justify the means

Not only is lithium mining extremely harmful to the environment, but there is only a limited supply of lithium in the world, most of which comes from backwards nations or nations that are not on good terms with America today such as China.  Increasing electric vehicles helps to prop up autocratic regimes along with polluting the environment.  The ends simply do not justify the means.  

Democrats would rather focus on the ends and not the means

One does not hear about the impacts of lithium mining or the ramifications of relying on China for the metal because they only care about the ends and not the means.  They live in a bubble where they can come up with any idea they please and not have to be held accountable for them.  The electric vehicle craze is similar to how the Biden Administration failed to consider oil, natural gas, or coal as a “nature-based solution” in their statement at COP27.  

What is more natural than oil, natural gas, or coal?

What democrats fail to realize is that they will never be able to pull the plug on the real nature-based solutions of oil, natural gas, and coal.  The amount of lithium required to produce the amount of electric vehicles needed in such a car-dependent country as the United States is staggering, and currently the country only holds less than 4% of the global reserves of lithium.  What this means is a greater dependence on other countries, namely China.    

Should Americans put their faith in China or themselves?

The real question Americans should be asking themselves when it comes to electric cars is this: should they put their faith in China or themselves?  China currently holds about 75% of the world’s manufacturing capacity for lithium batteries.  To put a large focus on electric vehicles means to put a large focus on our dependence upon China.  It does not have to be this way.

America should instead focus on energy independence

Instead of depending upon China to meet our electric vehicle needs, why not focus instead on energy independence?  The United States has enough oil reserves to be energy independent, and yet that is the last thing you will hear coming out of the Biden Administration.  Instead of relying on China for lithium, why not focus instead on creating more efficient gas-powered vehicles instead?  It does not make sense for Democrats to focus on solutions provided by radical climate activists instead of more common-sense solutions.

There are solutions in place that have bipartisan support

When it comes to the general topic of climate change, even though there are varying positions on it there are certainly some solutions that have support from both Republicans and Democrats.  For instance, increasing water efficiency in homes and protecting national parks and watersheds are both solutions that everyone can get behind.  It is curious as to why Democrats would rather take the most radical position they can instead of focusing on ones where there is a consensus.

More focused needs to put internally rather than externally

If Democrats truly want to have a better climate, they should focus on solutions that are internal to the United States and not external.  Buying oil from autocratic regimes like Venezuela makes no sense at all, especially when American production can make up for it.  It not only leads to more stability but also more American jobs at the end of the day.

America has both abundant natural gas and oil reserves.  Why not focus on creating more American jobs during a difficult economic period?  It just goes to show how much Democrats would rather focus on the radical parts of their party than the ones that utilize common sense.  For instance, put more research into other options for electric vehicles that don’t have America relying heavily upon China.  

The environment does matter, but solutions should not come from activists who care only about themselves

At the end of the day, everyone wants to live where there is fresh air and clean water.  The environment matters to everyone regardless of political party or affiliation.  Instead of caving into activists, Democrats should keep this in mind.   

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