Are Donald Trump’s Siblings Alive?

Donald Trump was the fourth of five children born to Fred and Mary Anne Trump. While Donald has been famous for decades, his four siblings have maintained much lower public profiles. With Donald Trump now in his late 70s, some wonder – are his brothers and sisters still alive today?

Let’s examine the current status of Donald’s older brother Fred Jr., older sisters Maryanne and Elizabeth, and younger brother Robert. How much contact does Donald still have with his surviving siblings?

Fred Trump Jr.

Fred Trump Jr. was Donald Trump’s only full brother. Born in 1938, Fred Jr. was eight years older than Donald. As the eldest son, Fred Jr. was originally groomed by their father Fred Sr. to inherit the family real estate business.

However, Fred Trump Jr. did not possess the strong business instincts and passion for real estate that came naturally to Donald. Fred Jr. preferred flying planes over dealing with management headaches. As he edged towards adulthood in the 1960s, Fred Jr. struggled with alcohol addiction and drifted aimlessly as Donald progressed swiftly up the corporate ladder.

Tensions grew between the brothers as Fred Jr.’s drinking worsened. Donald often criticized and lectured his older brother about wasting his potential and losing control to alcohol. Fred Jr.’s health deteriorated due to his severe alcoholism.

In September 1981 at age 43, Fred Trump Jr. passed away due to complications from his alcoholism. Donald Trump has cited Fred Jr.’s early death as a tragic lesson about the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse that strongly influenced his abstinence from drinking.

So in summary, Donald Trump’s only full brother Fred Trump Jr. sadly did not survive beyond middle age. He died in 1981 at age 43 from the effects of alcoholism. This means Fred Trump Jr. has been deceased for over 40 years now.

Maryanne Trump Barry

Maryanne Trump Barry is Donald Trump’s eldest sister. Born in 1937, Maryanne is two years older than brother Fred Jr. and ten years older than Donald.

After obtaining her law degree, Maryanne built a successful career as a Federal judge. In 1999, President Bill Clinton appointed her to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, a very prestigious role. Maryanne served with distinction on this appellate court for decades before retiring in 2011.

Despite her high-profile legal career, Maryanne Trump Barry maintained a low public profile compared to brother Donald. She rarely gave interviews and stayed out of the spotlight. Reportedly, she is not very close to her celebrity brother Donald, especially after some controversial comments he made about her upon her retirement.

Now age 85, Maryanne Trump Barry is believed to be living a quiet retirement somewhere along the Atlantic coast. She has avoided public appearances or statements since leaving her judgeship in 2011.

So while the exact details of her personal life are closely guarded, it appears that Donald Trump’s eldest sister Maryanne Trump Barry is still alive and well in her mid-80s. She has evaded media attention in the decades since her younger brother Donald became internationally famous.

Elizabeth Trump Grau

Donald Trump’s younger sister Elizabeth was born in 1942, making her four years younger than Donald. She worked in finance and was an executive at Chase Manhattan Bank.

Unlike her brother Donald and sister Maryanne’s high-power careers, Elizabeth Trump opted for a more low-key professional life and a modest personal life. She rarely appeared in media or spoke publicly, preferring to live very privately.

Elizabeth Trump married James Grau, an airline pilot, in 1989. She reportedly had a son who died as an infant, which may have contributed to her very private nature and desire to stay out of the public eye in subsequent years.

Now age 80, Elizabeth Trump Grau is believed to be retired and still married to James Grau. Her last known place of residence was in New York City. Very little is known about her lifestyle or any relationship with brother Donald Trump.

In summary, Donald Trump’s sister Elizabeth Trump Grau is likely still living at around 80 years old, but she makes every effort to maintain total privacy with minimal public information about her current activities or whereabouts.

Robert Trump

Robert Trump was Donald Trump’s youngest sibling, born two years after Donald in 1948. The pair were the closest of all the Trump children with just two years between them in age.

Robert Trump spent many years working for his brother Donald’s various business enterprises. He had a big role in opening and overseeing the Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City in the 1980s and 90s.

Quieter and milder-mannered than Donald, Robert preferred staying out of the spotlight, though he did occasionally appear in interviews and at events with his famous brother over the decades.

In June 2020 at age 71, Robert Trump was hospitalized in the intensive care unit with a severe brain bleed. He seemed to recover after initial treatment, but his health took a downward turn again.

On August 15, 2020, Robert Trump died at New York Presbyterian Hospital with Donald and other family members by his side. His cause of death was not officially disclosed.

Donald Trump was reportedly very upset by the loss of Robert, who was his last surviving full sibling at the time of his death. They had been close allies for many years working in the Trump business realm. The passing of his younger brother was surely difficult for Donald Trump.


In summary, Donald Trump tragically lost his older brother Fred Trump Jr. to alcoholism back in 1981. His eldest sister Maryanne Trump Barry is likely still living, though very privately, at age 85.

His other sister Elizabeth Trump Grau is presumed to be alive at 80 years old but maintains an intensely private lifestyle. Donald’s younger brother Robert Trump unfortunately passed away in 2020 at age 71 after being hospitalized for a severe medical condition.

Donald maintained sporadic contact with sisters Maryanne and Elizabeth over the years, but was closest with his late brother Robert who worked directly for him. The loss of Robert in 2020 left Donald with no remaining full siblings. But he presumably still has contact with sisters Maryanne and Elizabeth, though they avoid his high-profile, publicity-driven lifestyle.

The vastly different paths of Fred Trump Sr.’s children illustrate the power of personality and choices in shaping life outcomes. Donald Trump aggressively sought fame and fortune, while his siblings were content with private, modest lives. Now nearing the end of life’s journey, only Donald’s sisters Maryanne and Elizabeth appear to still be living, but they remain hidden in Donald’s large shadow.


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