Are Donald Trump’s Children Still Supporting Him Publicly?

Donald Trump’s adult children were relied on as trusted surrogates during his campaigns and presidency. With Trump out of office but hinting at a 2024 comeback bid, a key question is whether his children remain staunch public defenders.

Have Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump maintained vocal support for their father since leaving the White House?

Let’s review the recent actions and statements by Trump’s children that offer clues to their current loyalty.


Throughout his political career, Donald Trump entrusted his three eldest children—Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump—as spokespeople perpetuating his messages in the media and at events.

But with Trump now a private citizen facing legal probes, there is speculation his children may distance themselves from the controversy-laden Trump brand. Examining their words and actions over the past year provides perspective on their present allegiances.

In this post, we will analyze key examples of how Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric have navigated their father’s political legacy since January 2021.

Donald Trump Jr. Remaining Strong Ally

Of Trump’s children, Donald Trump Jr. has shown the most commitment to advancing his father’s political movement:

  • Campaigning in 2022 – Hitting campaign trail for Trump-backed candidates in midterms [1].
  • Media presence – Making regular media appearances promoting Trump and his agenda.
  • Rallies – Speaking at “Save America” rallies with his father around the country.
  • New book coming – Reportedly authoring book on being “first family outsider” [2].
  • Fundraising – Sent fundraising emails for his father’s PAC, raising millions [3].

Don Jr. has arguably taken over as Trump’s chief political surrogate, at least until another campaign launches.

Eric Trump Following His Brother’s Lead

Eric Trump has also remained a vocal advocate for Trumpism along with his older brother:

  • Joining rallies – Appearing at rallies and events with Trump and Don Jr. to boost endorsed candidates [4].
  • Managing family business – Leading the Trump Organization’s operations with Don Jr. since their father left office [5].
  • Podcast launched – Co-hosting and producing the “The Right Side” podcast promoting Republican politics [6].
  • Interviews – Defending Trump in print and TV interviews criticizing the Biden administration.

Together, Don Jr. and Eric constitute the core of Trump’s family political army.

Ivanka Trump Lowering Her Profile

In contrast, Ivanka Trump has distanced herself from the public sphere since her father left the White House:

  • Moved to Florida – Relocated to Miami instead of returning to New York, avoiding media glare [7].
  • Rare appearances for Trump – Has not spoken at his post-presidential rallies or events [8].
  • New work focus – Turned attention to impact investing away from politics [9].
  • Tepid statements on 2024 – When asked, says she does not know if Trump will run again [10].

Ivanka appears ready to let Don Jr. and Eric take the reins of their father’s political brand.

Jared Kushner Departing Politics

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has also withdrawn from political engagements:

  • No campaigning – Has not actively campaigned for Trump-backed candidates in 2022 [11].
  • Avoided rallies – Has not spoken at rallies and keeps low profile at Mar-a-Lago [12].
  • New memoir coming – Penned memoir focusing on diplomatic deals, not internal politics [13].
  • Transitioned to finance – Has fundraised for investment firm and explored crypto ventures [14].

Kushner seems content leaving discussions of 2024 to the Trump family.

Signs of Life Without Trump?

There are also small hints that the Trump children are preparing for careers not revolving around politics:

  • Don Jr. considering run for office – Reportedly may run for New York governor to have his own platform [15].
  • Ivanka re-engaging in social causes – Advocating substantive issues like childcare subsidies again [16].
  • Eric expanding Trump brand – Discussing plans for new Trump hotel chains [17].

However, these remain speculative and the Trump children still financially rely on their father’s brand and reputation.


Donald Trump maintains an iron grip on Republican politics for now, which keeps his eldest children orbiting within his sphere of influence. But long-term, Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric may be weighing paths that give them more independence. Ivanka especially shows signs of moving to shape a less polarizing public profile.

Yet as loyal allies, the adult Trump children have not shown a willingness to break with their father over his ongoing disinformation around the 2020 election outcome. Their political futures remain tied to his until legal woes or electoral defeats force the Trump clan to evolve their ambitions.



















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