4 reasons why a Republican president is better for the economy

Now that the midterm elections are over, the eyes of the nation will be looking forward to the 2024 presidential race. While no candidates have thrown their hats in the ring as of yet, it is not too early for voters to consider which party they will be voting for in the next election. The majority of midterm exit polls showed that voters are most concerned about the economy. Because that is the case, the smart choice for the next U.S. president is the Republican. Here is why:

Republicans actually care about the national debt

Despite what Democrats say to the contrary, the national debt is important. Earlier this year, the national debt soared to over $31 trillion. While President Obama and President Trump, the last Democrat and Republican presidents, both accrued a similar amount of debt in their four years in office, both administrations were marred by economic catastrophes that skew those numbers.

What needs to be looked at is the party’s rhetoric regarding national debt. Democrat politicians’ opinion on the national debt is basically to not worry about it. Bernie Sanders, the de facto leader of the far left, advocates for adding $21 trillion to the national debt. Current president, Joe Biden plans to spend at least $4.8 trillion before the end of his term.

Meanwhile, key Republicans, like Kevin McCarthy in the House and Mitt Romney in the Senate, are raising alarms about this spending and taking actions to block it. The difference is clear between Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans let Americans keep more of their hard earned money

Taxes are a necessity for any government, especially one the size of the United States’ government.

Both Democrats and Republicans agree on this. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two parties on how taxes should be used. Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky described his party’s feelings on taxes best when he described taxes as a “necessary evil.

On the other hand, Democrats view taxpayers as their piggy bank for luxurious and unnecessary projects. This is evident by their actions as well as their words. Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump both instituted enormous tax cuts giving billions of dollars back to US citizens.

The middle class specifically were the biggest beneficiaries of Trump’s tax cuts. President Biden has done the opposite. Biden has broken his promise to not raise taxes and instead introduced new taxes as a part of the Democrats Inflation Reduction Act. Biden has promised to raise taxes sometime next year as well.

If you want your government to continue to steal from you, Democrats are your party. If you like to keep your money, Republicans are for you. 

Republicans cut red tape and create efficient markets

Like taxes, regulations are an essential part of the government. However, like with taxes, Democrats are overzealous with their regulations.

Additionally, these regulations are largely at the whim of the president. On day 1 of his administration, President Biden ordered federal agencies to review all agency actions that occurred during the Trump administration.

Many of these Trump administration agency actions included the repeal of redundant and unnecessary red tape. Biden has reinstituted many of these redundant regulations. This includes reinstituting Environmental Protection Agency rules regarding oil and gas rules.

This increased red tape for oil and gas companies is directly reflected in the surging gas prices Americans are experiencing during the Biden presidency. Any future Republican president would again eliminate unnecessary red tape and increase economic efficiency. 

Republicans are tough on foreign threats to the U.S. economy

If the last 40 years of economic growth in the U.S. could be described in one word, that word would be globalization.

Globalization has allowed for U.S. companies and capitalism more broadly spread to previously untouched markets that could have fallen to communist influences.

Now that the threat of communism has largely subsided, globalization presents a threat to the U.S. economy. No one understands that better than the Republican party.

Against Democrat wishes, President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Biden resigned the agreement, meaning U.S. environmental policy is dictated by the demands of the global elite as opposed to the wishes of its voters.

Republicans are also willing to take on the World Trade Organization, like Donald Trump did in 2020. Taking on the international economic hegemony is an important step in ensuring the U.S. remains independent and able to govern according to what its voters want. The Republican party is the only party who will do that.

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